Aims & Objectives Of UIRC

by admin, March 22, 2013
  • The primary aim of the UIRC is clearing the misconceptions of non Muslims regarding Islam and proper presentation of Islam in local language Telugu.
  • To findoutMurtadsandcounselthemandmakethemunderstandwhatIslamis.
  • To bringDa’wahawarenessamongMuslimsandtrainthemasDa’yees.
  • To make follow up programs among newly revert Muslims and arrange Tarbiyat Programs to enable themtobecomepracticingMuslimsandDa’yeesthrough acquiringcorrectknowledge of Islam.
  • To publish and distribute Brochures, pamphlets, pocket size books on different Da’wah topics. Separate material for Hindus, Christians and Murtads to clarify misconceptions and present Islaminthelight of Qur’an and Hadees.

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