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by admin, September 19, 2014

Universal Islamic Research Centre known as UIRC established in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India in July 2007 registered under A.P. Society Act 2001 (Regd. No 1261/2007, A.P., India).UIRC located at H. No. 2-2-439, Beside Gandhi Statue Bus Stop, Amber pet Main Road, Hyderabad, A.P., India.


The primary aim of the UIRC is clearing the misconceptions of non Muslims regarding Islam and proper presentation of Islam in Local Language Telugu Find out Murtads and counsel them and make them to understand what Islam is?

Make follow up programs among newly revert Muslims and arranging Tarbiyat Programs to enable them to become practicing Muslims and Da’yees through acquiring good knowledge of Islam. Publishing and Distribution of Brochures, pamphlets, pocket size books on different Da’wah topics. Separate material for Hindus, Christians and Murtads to clarify misconceptions and presenting Islam in the Light of Qur’an and Hadees.


A cool spacious reading room with large collection of books on Islam & comparative religion, Islam & modern science, Religious scriptures of various religions of the world. Different translations of Glorious Qur’an and books of Ahadees like Sahih Buqari, Sahih Muslim etc and many more interesting books.

CDs Gallery:-

Audio & Video cassettes/CDs/DVDs of International speakers on Islam & comparative religion in Telugu, English & Urdu languages are available. Islamic Da’yees & Da’iyat always available in the centre to explain Islam and clarifying questions of Non Muslims, Murtads and non-practicing Muslims. – Separate sister’s wing.

President-Mohammed Ghouse

Vice President- Shaik Rafee

General Secretary- Wali Ur Rahman Wajihuddin

Joint Secretary- Syed Abdullah

Treasurer- Abdul Majid Imran

Executive member- 1.Somani Narsimha
2.Shaik Khijarulla
3.Abdul Gafoor.

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